Vehicles 1

The club currently has two BMW R75 outfits – one in Panzer grey colour and the other painted in a 3 tone camouflaged pattern. Both bikes are synonymous with all aspects of the German Army of WWII.

The shaft driven R75 was in early production of 1940 equipped with steel boxes to carry spare gear but as the war wore on the need for metal meant that the later bikes were issued with leather pannier bags instead.

About 16,500 of these bikes were produced during the war of which only a rare handful exist now.

The bike was an engineering masterpiece with the introduction of hydraulic brakes and the technical innovation of the complicated gear box on this machine. Nothing of its calibre existed at that time in any form, either civilian or military.

Unloaded 600 kg approx.
Carries 3 men and equipment.
4 on road gears, 4 off road gears, reverse and a differential lock to power the side car wheel in difficult terrain and conditions.
Storage space, spare wheel fitting all wheels including sidecar.
Leather bags or steel boxes fitted on front or sidecar for storage.
Mount on front of sidecar for MG 34 machine gun.
Top Speed
65 mph
34 litre tank and spare jerry can be mounted