Zundapp , BMW ,& Other BGS bikes

This bike is the only solo in the group so far. Built in 1939, it was the fastest bike ever to see service in the German Army. It has a 600cc engine, 4 speed box and can reach 120km/hr. Favoured among dispatch riders and military police for its speed, it also was fitted with a sidecar.






This model is painted in early war field grey with brown leather panniers . The 600 cc KS Zundapp






BMW R12 1938 (solo)

Our latest bike BMW R12 solo  1938 year of production , a very early production . The R12 was the most synonymous bike for the German army and was featured in most of the wartime newsreels you will see of the invasion of Poland both solo and with sidecar this was the workhorse of the German army prior to the advent of the Zundapp KS 750 and R75 heavy combat motorcycles .

Dimensions / Weights
Length x Width x Height: 2100 x 900 x 940mm
(82.67x 35.43 x 37.00 in)
Wheel Base: 1380 mm / 54.33 in
Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 litres / 3.07 gal / 3.69 gal US
Unladen Weight with full tank: 185 kg approx / 407 lb
Load Rating: 300 kg / 660 lb
Fuel Consumption: 3.5 – 4 litres per 100 kilometers approx / 80 – 70 mpg / 67 – 58 mpg US
Oil Consumption: 1 – 2 litres per 1,000 kilometers
Top Speed: 110 kph / 68 mph

BMW R71 Dispatch Riders  

This is a fine example of an R71  styled as a dispatch riders bike complete with leather panniers and gas mask cannister

The leather panniers are of brown leather and are very correct for the year of manufacture and operation .This bike has no back saddle as its for dispatch rider only and would normally carry his gear and equipment on the back as he moved form unit to unit along the front delivering messages and dispatches .







A nice pair of solos . BMW R12 and R71 resting after a long ride out during one of our weekend tours .









Below  is a clip we made of the group and some our vehicles on the move at Duncannon military show .