The club currently owns 3 kubelwagens. These are known technically as the VW Type 82 Kubelwagen. Two of these are turned out in a cammouflage pattern and one in a beige colour scheme.

VW Type 82 Kubel

The Volkswagen Kubel is the father of the Beetle as we know it today. It was powered by a petrol 1100 cc air cooled 4 cylinder engine, and also 1200 cc in some cases. The engine was mounted in the back and it has a 4 speed gear box. Independent traction gears on each wheel give it a good off road capability. The kubel was cheaper to produce in comparison to the BMW bike – 2 Kubels to 1 bike – and so took over as the main troop transport of the day.

The Kubel here is fitted with spare wheel and shovel. The fitted cap for petrol tank is visible near spare wheel also.