Battle Group South conduct two main  training weekends each year for its members. These are sometimes run in conjunction with other groups invited to take part .Usually groups of up to 40 can be accommodated and we have held several very succcessful weekends so far. Training is done by instructors from Germany, with special emphasis on the following areas listed underneath . Accomodation and meals are also provided in a scenic and ideal location to add to the overall realism of such a weekend and can only enhance the photos taken during the weekend. Training weekend commence from a Friday night through to Sunday evenings incl.

  • Dress and drill
  • Field tactics using the correct original formations of WW2
  • Use of vehicles combined in a tactical role
  • Commands and use of German language
  • Special training for NCOs on MG 42, MG 34 , Flak and PAK guns,
  • Photo shoot opportunities with various vehicles and armour etc can be arranged at the culmination of training weekends for clubs who don’t have access to these vehicles within their own groups .
  • K98 armsdrill
  • Health and safety training in all aspects of equipment


Likewise we run between two and three battle weekends also per year whereupon all members will go “on the ground”  and conduct a battle scenario with the use of vehicles and all the club weapons in a wartime setting .Members will only use authenthic historically accurate equipment and rations etc . BGS will be in opposition to the Allied forces of other groups for the duaration of the wekend in a fullsacle “wargame” .The use of blank ammunition and pyrotechnics make the wekeend a very real battle weekend . 


Clubs interested can contact us (link) for details and training camp dates.
  Tactical training as a platoon or Zugg is constantly practised The sections will combine rifles , MG34 , MG42 , Mp40, and mortar crews, backed up by Kradrader or motorcycle troops which can be swung into action rapidly in a blitkrieg tactic. All this takes special training and is evident when performed at public shows or on camera .
  Each member must be first trained to march , drill and carry out basic safety with weapons and equipment . Historical accuracy is of paramount importance in reenactment .
  Drill with K98 rifle and historical accuracy is all important as seen here


The use of vehicle and the correct employment in a tactical situation is very important to us .Especially as we have the finest collection of original functioning vehicles in the UK /Ireland .This rare access to these historical vehicles makes this club special and provides its members with a privilage only a few can ever enjoy . 



Tactical training with a variety of weapons and formations is practised at training weekends and tested on battle weekends in the field under historically accurate conditions , food , rations, gear , eqipment all are kept as accurate as possible giving the most real feel to all with strong drive towards authenticity

Mortar weapon training being conducted for new recruit under watchful eye of a trained instructor in the backround .A blank round is fired from the weapon to simulate the original effect .