KampfGruppe Sud/Battlegroup South are always looking for new members to join. While we try to keep our numbers regulated we are always interested in having people who have something to offer the club to make it better. What we look for is the following:

  1. Members are over 18 years of age with good character and no previous criminal record.

  2. Members preferably have some previous military experience or training (but not essential)

  3. Members would be committed to attend no less than 6 out of a possible 15 events in the year.

  4. After 1 year with the club prospective members will be voted on to be accepted
    at the AGM by the club.

  5. Membership does not necessitate owning a vehicle. We are constantly looking for members to ride and drive the club vehicles as we nearly have more vehicles now than members. Members with a full driving licence on bikes, cars or trucks are ideal.

  6. We would prefer new members to be interested in WW2 history, especially German aspects, vehicles, equipment and weapons etc. We do not accept political activists or Neo Nazi followers, hence the 1 year probation. We are a German WW2 re enactment group with special interest in vehicles of the period, not politics.

  7. Members will purchase their own uniforms and equipment etc and the club will provide a special discount rate on all items through various dealers we use.

  8. All members pay annual club subscription to avail of the insurance for public
    liability and public indemnity, and also receive a monthly copy of the club newsletter.

  9. Our club stands now at 30 members and 14 vehicles, motorcycles, sidecars,  various trucks and 2 cm Flak gun, Kubelwagen cars, 37mm PAK Gun, and VW treckers and several replica motorcycles and sidecars .

  10. Our annual trip to Normandy, France, is open to all members, club vehicles and members will be going this year in June , dates to announced .

If you wish to enquire about joining us please contact us for more information.