The following are some links to other clubs who share an interest in military vehicles and re-enactments and also suppliers of uniforms, various badges and insignia for most re enactment groups.

Epic Militaria – Military Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment
For Re-enactors, Enthusiasts and Collectors. Epic Militaria are suppliers for all high quality reproduction uniforms and equipment for members of Battle Group South. Substantial discount for members of the group.
Any questions or queries contact julian at [email protected].

God, Honour, Fatherland – a World War II Living History & Re-enactment group dedicated to preserving and re-living the past. Our aim as a group is to remember the single most devastating human conflict of the 20th Century and we do this by portraying as accurately as we possibley can a small group of front line soldiers from the German Army (Heer). – Used by over 30,500 military buyers and dealers each week!

International Militaria – Suppliers of quality uniforms, badges, insignia, etc. – Allied and American group who together with Battlegroup South make up the rest of the Munster Military Vehicle and Reenactment Group, Ireland’s largest WW2 reenactment group.

Zeugmeisterei – High quality 20th century militaria.

What Price Glory – Specialized in WW1 and WW2 Original & Reproductions Militaria.

Feldgrau – Feldgrau is a living history association whose main aim is to preserve and display the equipment, documents, uniforms, vehicles and weapons of World War II.

The History Bunker – Providers of reproduction WW2 uniforms and equipment as well as CD collections of Military photographs, documents, ID cards, propaganda posters, maps, radio broadcasts and speeches. We also stock flags, banners and military music.

ROLF BESS – Supplier of all parts for Zundapp KS750 and BMW R75 from Germany. Rolf has carried out full restoration of all club bikes for Kampfgrupe Sud and will supply top quality parts and also carry out work on all engines and gearboxes. Located in Koblenz, Germany. Check out the website here for parts and contact Rolf direct. Use this site to order the parts numbers.

Green Devils of Carentan FJR6 – We specifically portray a late war impression of the ground role that the Fallschirmjager undertook. From Normandy through to Holland, the Ardennes and early 1945.

Tiger 1, Kampfgruppe StahlKrieger (“Steel Warriors”) – This group is dedicated to the portrayal of WWII German panzer crews and panzergrenadiers during the WWII period using period uniforms, equipment and vehicles.

World War II Guns – #1 Supplier of WWII Replica Guns.

Second Battle Group – WWII Re-enactment & Historical Society. Formed in 1978 the Second Battle Group is the UKs longest serving Second World War Living History and Historical Society. The SBG portrays Grenadiers of the 1.SS.Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. This division was chosen because not only was it Germany’s elite fighting formation but it also fought on every major front in WWII (excluding North Africa).

Fallschirmjager Regiment 2 – A Re-enactment and Living History Society located in Belgium. The aim of our group is to portray the ordinary German soldier going about his duties during WW2. Fallschirmjager Regiment 2 is a member of the Living History Society.

9TH Waffen SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen – The 9th Re-Enactment Society is a group of non-political enthusiasts of history, portraying combat soldiers of the 9th Waffen-SS Panzer Division “Hohenstaufen” at public displays and at private re-enactments.

Panzer Grenadier – This website is intended to serve and support the UK axis reenactment community.

Grossdeutschland – UK based group re-enacting riflemen of the armoured reconnaissance battalion Grossdeutschland.

WWII – The online home for WWII Re-enactors from the UK. – Belgian site of the 4th Kompany Infantry Regiment GD Grossdeutschland.

Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82 – UK based living history group that seek to recreate a military police unit of the German Army, circa 1944.

Kommiss – This is a site run by friends of Battlegroup South in Germany who specialise in hard to get parts for vehicles, clothing, and all other reenactment needs, both original and reproduction equipment. They supply lots of good metal work items for Bmw, Zundapp and Kubel vehicles.

Fieldcraft – Model Tanks & Military Clothing.

AFRA (Axis Forces Re-enactment Association) – A NON POLITICAL living history group based in the U.K. dedicated to depicting WWII combatants.

Axis Forum – This is an all Ireland axis forum for information and news on all aspects of German reenactment in Ireland.

Richard A. Underwood – Producer of high quality uniforms and equipment. Also specialises in all forms of cammo clothing.

Das Heer, UK – Another great bunch of guys based on Das Heer, great site and a great outfit.