Who by Fire

Who by Fire posterTheatre Work

This was a play adaptation of the book just released called WHO BY FIRE, written by Zoltin Collis, a survivor of the Bergin Belsen concentration camp. It tells his story of survival in the camp and how his family were lost there.

We were approached by the producers and met with Zolton and decided to back this worthy project. It involves us promoting the opening nights of several venues around Ireland and putting on a show prior to opening.

The production is meant to give the audience a feeling of the loss of control and an idea of the fear produced on entering the camp. The audience are also part of this as they are hearded into the theatre and segregated once inside, males on the left, females on the right. Various actors dressed as Jews carrying possessions are also mixed into the unknowing audience to give this a life of its own. Once reaching the theatre, they are issued with blankets and the scene is set for the real actors to take over then.

The director is the acclaimed John Mackenna and it is set to music by Leonard Cohen, the Jewish singer songwriter. It has the backing of the Jewish council and is a well produced and choreographed play. It will run nationwide until July when it will go to international venues.

We are delighted to have been part of this and it has been a great advance for German re enactment on a public arena and has the full backing of all involved. We are grateful to Zoltin for his work and efforts in getting this book released and adapted to stage. We got to talk to him at length and got a great insight into what he suffered and what and how the producers wanted to portray this to the general audience.

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