Film Work

  • Who by Fire
  • Ireland’s Nazis
  • Oglaig
  • Valkyerie
  • Christopher and his kind(2011)
  • Der Leuste Zeuge (The last witness)
  • Krugers Justice (2012)
  • The Valley of Knockanure

Battlegroup South / Kampfgruppe Sud have been very involved in both big and small screen productions over the last few years , both in supplying men , weapons , props , uniforms and action vehicles  for various productions . BGS have forged a name as a professional  group in the TV and Film industry and are constantly in demand both at home in Ireland and abroad . Our vehicles were used in productions such as Valkyerie , Captain Corellies Mandolin , to name but a few big screen productions .Irelands Nazis a two part docu-drama telling the story of the many Nazis who fled here after the war  featured several of our vehicles and many of the members of BGS took a role it in it also .We have also worked on several small screen productions for various film festivals at home and abroad and even entered a film of our own into the Caen Film festival last year .

Scenes from the film “Irelands Nazis ” filmed on location in Ireland .


A scene from “Oglaigh” The IRA , a secret history filmed in Dublin and Waterford . The club also has a strong tradition of doing Irish History films and reenactments as well as WW2


 A scene from Christopher and his kind filmed on location in Belfast , concentrating on the life experiences of author Christopher Isherwood and his time in Berlin during the rise of the Nazis brownshirts .

A scene from “Krugers Justice ” , a short film by director Jason Shiels for the Irish film festival . BGS work alot with short film festival type projects , and find this work rewarding and interesting to be involved with .


Director Jason Shiels directing the execution scene in the moat at Duncannon Fort

A shooting scene from Krugers Justice .Filmed in the moat in Duncannon Fort



A scene from “Valkyerie” filmed on location in Germany , here the R75 is seen on the streets of Berlin 70 years after WW2 .A rare sight  indeed. The strrets had been re modelled and converted back to the 40s of nazi Germany flags and drapes everywhere and awash with German vehicles from the period .




The Mercedes trucks used in the film were a variety of hard and open top roof .Converted from Tatra trucks in Germany and made to look very realistic Mercedes troop carriers .BGS still own and use one of these open top variet trucks for moving large ammounts of gear to and from venues

To see the open top version in action on a little clip we made please click on the link below and enjoy our short film called “The Checkpoint. If you like this then check out the many short films we made on youtube under the following search , battlegroup south , or under the user Panzermyer .


A fine collection of vehicles on the set of Valkyerie in Berlin .