Best FPS Games in History

One of the star genera on PC is that of the FPS, without any doubt. And the reason is straightforward: because it came up on computers and its combo (mouse + keyboard) is practically unmatched, despite the total settlement of the command with analog sticks for a couple of decades with consoles.

That’s why we’re going to review the best first-person shooters for PC because of the historical legacy it has provided to video games and all those frantic experiences where you download adrenaline from shots. And that we have also witnessed FPS with narrative load or that they have flirted, even, with other genres. Today’s the big ones.

  1. Duke Nukem 3D

The fact that this 1996 classic has not yet been surpassed within the whole Duke Nukem saga tells much of the impact that Duke Nukem 3D’s arrival made on the market, with that bet for the first-person action. He marked a whole generation of players, and his legacy remains intact, as he has not lost the freshness he is supposed to be due to his age, except for how outdated his graphic engine is for certain aspects. Visceral, provocative, controversial, and fun. The best thing he left us that year, no doubt.

  1. Quake III: Arena

We continue with a great eminence in the classic genre to which we must surrender: Quake III: Arena. One of the biggest culprits of the cybercafés boom at the gates of the new millennium. A timeless work by id Software where he was fully committed to the frenzy of his games. A jewel that always wants to revisit and that is vital to know what the FPS was like in the last century, without the facilities they offer us today.

  1. Counter-Strike

From the end of 2000 and beyond, it was impossible to be in any internet cafe and not to have the Counter-Strike installed. It is more, it is still referenced nearly 20 years later, although it has gradually been rehabilitated over the years through his remake (Counter-Strike: Source; by 8,19€) and a version free-to-play (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). It is surprising to see its success knowing that it all started as a mod of the superb Half-Life.

  1. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Since we mention the word mod, it is mandatory to speak of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Splash Damage graduated with honors with this independent game from the classic id Software saga, being one of the pioneers in the use of soldier classes and with goals to overcome each mission. And the best of all? Which is completely free. A luxury.

  1. Unreal Tournament 2004

Along with Quake, The Great Adalid of the mid-1990s shooter. Fantastic ended up following the same path as the id Software saga until focusing almost entirely on the multiplayer, with its 2004 iteration (Unreal Tournament 2004) the most complete of all. It is a pity that Epic Games has stopped the development of the new Unreal Tournament (which will be free) because of this media success called Fortnite.

  1. Halo 2

Three years after its premiere on the first Xbox, The Master Chief saga would return to PC due to its sequel, Halo 2. A work that would catapult more if the universe created by Bungie fits, with more unforgettable moments for its history, a more immersive online experience, and a perfect BSO. It is expected as may water its return with Windows 10 with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, where the saga will be included almost complete.

  1. Half-Life 2

Probably the closest FPS to perfection. A milestone the years don’t seem to have passed. The dream sequel. Any qualifier falls short when talking about Half-Life 2, an advance on its time and the first game that forced Steam to be available to install it. A jewel that received two additional chapters and from which we are still waiting for its continuation that already sounds like a joke.

  1. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

There is a reason Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is one of the most original shooters: the use of their ammunition. Or rather, having to” hunt ” the ammo, literally. For some reason, it was the great Xbox exclusive for five years until it was adapted to the PC in the middle of 2010. A title with a unique charm within the striking saga of Oddworld Inhabitants.

  1. Prey (2006)

Human Head Studios had all the ballots to produce a mediocre product because of a convulsive development of more than ten years but fortunately managed to market a memorable shooter. There were not a few who enjoyed the first Prey, amazed by some of its innovations, such as the use of portals (before Portal), how it played with gravity or the world of the Wraith when Tommy “died” in combat.

  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

After delighting in its beginnings, especially with Call of Duty 2, Infinity Ward would again pick up the witness of his saga with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, embracing a more up-to-date stage of modern warfare, with the result that marked a before and after, both in his solo campaign and in his various multiplayer modes. Its sequel also marked us, especially the scene at the airport.