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Games That You Can Play with Us

Welcome to Battlegroup South, Best FPS online gaming community. Ever since the evolution of the internet, the best thing that has happened in the online gaming community. Earlier, no one would have thought that can be played in any other form than physical, but the sites like Battlegroup and many more like them have changed the game altogether. Today you can play the best FPS and MMORPG games with the likeminded people in the online gaming community like battlegroup.

Here is a list of the best FPS and MMORPG games that you can play and enjoy. The players in the online gaming community play these games seriously trying to get better at each attempt:

  1. World of warships: this game as the name suggests is a battle of warships on the sea in the backdrop of the 21st century. The player has to be in charge of several warships at a time and rage war on others and win it with suitable strategies.
  2. Crossout: this is a free game in which you have to lead a war in a post-apocalyptic scenario.
  3. War Thunder: this game is based on World War 2 settings and the players can choose to be the pilots of airplanes of any country of their choice in the war.
  4. PlanetSide Arena: this game takes you to the battleground alongside the hundreds of other soldiers like you.
  5. DemonsAreCrazy: this game has a unique theme as you get to play the role of the president of hell as Satan has died. You have to avenge the death of Satan with your powers and intelligence.
  6. Dissolution: this game isn’t an easy one as you have to fight the ultra-powerful robots and other fellow human beings and all you have is your own brain to win the battle.
  7. Don’t Even Think: you can either be a human or a werewolf in this game and be your own master.

What Do You Need to Join Our Group

Playing in an online gaming community is easy. All you need is a PC, Microphone, and the games that you play with us. All you have to do is sign up with us for free and get to playing. It is also very important to set up a good mood before playing and that is usually not a problem as a tiger would always be in a good mood when he has so many deer in front of him. What I mean is when you see so many of the best games in front of you, your mood is automatically set up. But one problem that usually arises that the FPS and MMORPG games are usually teams playing games. Therefore, it becomes important to not to do any drama during the gameplay as it may seriously affect the team performance.

Free Browser Games for Casual Party Fun

You can enjoy the free browser games in a fun mood at a casual party. These games may include free casino poker and blackjack games. These casual casino games like poker and blackjack can be played in the online legal casino for free. Other than that we sometimes have real money fun in the legal online casino rooms too. The best thing about playing casino games like online poker in online casinos is the casino bonus that they offer. This online casino bonus is given against your first-time real money deposit with the online casino. You can use the casino bonus and play your favorite games and win for free.

Best Fps Games Throughout the History of PC Gaming

Here are some of the best FPS games of all times that you have to play once in your lifetime if you are into gaming.

  1. The darkness 2: this game starts with a love story in which a mobster has to lose his girlfriend in combat with other goons and now he is out for revenge with dangerous weapons in his hands. The weapons that he has to fight too are quite obnoxious and will give you the creeps.
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: after a series of games of Call of Duty on World war 2, cold war, Vietnamese war, etc, this game is a bit different as you have to fight to save your zombie friends in it.
  3. Far Cry 4: this is a story of a big-time adventurer named Ajay ghale who sometimes gets stuck in the rugged Himalayas and sometimes in the Kyrat. Sometimes he has to shoot a tiger and sometimes he has to fight the cannibals.
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: This is a highly strategic and skill-based game in which you either play the terrorist or the anti-terrorist. Choosing a character is your own choice.